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Weekly Wellness Word: Balance

Monthly Theme: Self Responsibility & Love

This week’s word is Balance

Have you ever had a flat tire? It can be hard to keep your car on the road when one tire is not inflated at the right pressure. The steering wheel tends to pull to the right or left and sometimes your momentum is slowed down. You couldn't drive fast even if you wanted to.

This week's word is Balance. Take a moment to consider the balance, or lack thereof, in your own life. Is your life progression trying to send you a message that the weight you carry in life is not evenly distributed? How healthy do you feel in your mind, body and spirit? Take some time this week simply to notice your life. Try not to make any sweeping changes based on what you see. There will be time enough for that in the weeks to come. Just notice for now. If it is helpful, take a bit of time to journal about what you are noticing and how you feel about your life balance.

Quote of the Week

"Part of living a cozy life is maintaining a balance between your job and your home life. Sometimes it's more difficult than you'd think if you have a particularly stressful job. If you have to bring work home often, and especially if you work from home or are an entrepreneur.

I believe that learning how to find a way to balance our work lives and personal ones is one of our big lessons during our lifetime. If you work too much, you might miss important events or spend less time with family and friends. After a while, you might start resenting your job simply because you feel it pulls you away from your personal life and family too much. When you take time from your job to experience your life, then it refreshes you so that you are more productive at work. Finding balance between work and your home life can help you to work smarter in your job so you can accomplish more at work and have less need to bring it home with you. In turn, this leads to more job satisfaction and productivity because you no longer feel it is cutting into your personal time.

In order to live, we have to earn money to pay our bills so we all have to work. Being happy in your job, feeling committed to your employer, and feeling that you're a successful person who is doing a great job in your chosen field, is important to your overall sense of well-being. Having time away from your job to just be you and to have fun with family and friends is necessary because that's the core central you. We have to work to have money to live, but we have to live to be able to work. Finding ways to cope with the balance between the two can help you maintain a healthy relationship within yourself between the two.

- The Simplicity of Cozy: Hygge, Lagom & The Energy of Everyday Pleasures by Melissa Alvarez

Next Step

For a deeper dive into assessing your holistic life balance, take the Wellness Inventory Assessment to evaluate your own personal health across the 12 wellness dimensions. If you'd like a copy of the assessment, let me know and we can set something up.

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