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Still Waters helps those in the second half of life with chronic illness, terminal disease or symptoms of aging or their caregivers to create a healing and sustainable balance in life that nourishes hope, peace and wholeness.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created some informational and experiential self care video content on Facebook in partnership with the Vineyard Columbus Support for Life ministry. 

Anxiety Depression - A Centering Prayer Exercise


Loss and Lament: 2-Part Series

Part 1 - Loss

Part 2 - Lament


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Types of Appointments

wellness inventory assessment

The Wellness Inventory Assessment offers a clear snapshot of you as a whole person at this time in your life. It sparks deep self-exploration so that you understand how your behavior and various dimensions of your life interact to impact your total health and wellness – mind, body, and spirit. This service includes completion of the whole person Wellness Inventory Assessment and one appointment to review the results with a Wellness Inventory Coaching Facilitator. Optional add on services include a one-year subscription to the online Wellness Inventory program and follow-up support.


sense of wellness

Sense of Wellness is a whole-person approach for improvement of health and wellbeing in all aspects of life. It helps you understand your current behavior and how you can make better choices to improve whatever you feel is important, what you’re most motivated to change at the moment. Whether your current challenge is related to a chronic health condition, terminal illness, or symptoms related to aging, this program will offer you companionship in your wellness journey by incorporating your whole self, your relationships, your faith and purpose in everyday life.

sense of wholeness

Wholeness is most effectively attained when it starts as an interior work that invites each part of your person into the process: physical, intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual. We will start with a reflection exercise to encourage silent dialogue with God about where you are in your wellness journey. A creativity exercise will be available to aid you in this process.The appointment will close with a time of prayer where we will ask God to heal, bless and protect you. Female clients may receive a hand massage during the closing prayer with the essential oil of your choice.


sense of healing

Immersive experience with healing components for all five senses.


creature care

Holistic pet sitting designed to provide your pet not just with their basic needs but emotional support and companionship in your absence. Also available is immersive healing therapy for sick furkids.


companion care

Compassionate, holistic in home care for the old, the sick, and the dying. Respite time for caregivers.

In-Home Care

For those who are unable to travel due to chronic illness, advanced aging, or hospice care, I am able to provide services in private homes, long-term care facilities or acute care settings. The sensory therapies provided in these settings may be limited based on contraindications with medical care restrictions or challenges with carrying in therapy equipment.

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"In the busyness of our lives it’s often difficult to find a place to just sit, rest for a minute. I found this time and the activities gave me space and time to increase my sense of God’s presence."

"Just wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed my time last week with you. It was a very special time and gave me a breath of fresh air. Time spent on reflection with our Lord can never be measured and certainly reinforced that I do need to spend more time doing so."

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