There is something that happens when we are in creation, when we are immersed in the sounds of birds, the feel of the breeze on our skin, the various colors, shapes and sizes of plant life that touches us in our core being.


Beloved Servant invites you to look at nature in a new way...close up! Blending nature and macro photography styles, Beloved Servant shows you the natural world around you with a fresh perspective, textured and in full color. 

Images are for sale on this page. For framed photography, please visit our Store page.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Many art shows are being postponed due to pandemic precautions.

When the shows resume, Beloved Servant's new Seasons art exhibit will be featured at events organized by the art consulting firms listed below. 


Avant Garde Art & Craft Shows

Please continue to monitor this page for event dates and times once they become available.

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