Hello, friends! My name is Dixie Vargo. I am the founder of Still Waters and Beloved Servant Nature Photography. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am a Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator. I specialize in holistic healing for the old, the sick, the dying and their caregivers through contemplative practices.


In addition, I'm an amateur nature photographer. One of my primary means of my personal self-care is nature therapy and capturing my poignant experiences in nature through photography and videography. 

I am part native american on both sides of my family. My American Indian name is Beloved Servant of Jesus. I resonate deeply with many of the native american beliefs about the Earth and our connection to it. My spirit animal is the deer and Moneto (one of the native american names for God) speaks to me deeply when I am present in creation.


I am also a Christian and follow the teachings and model of Jesus Christ in my life. I am a vowed member of the Order of the Common Life, a 21st century monastic order affiliated with the Vineyard movement. Monastic practices permeate every part of my life, personally and vocationally.

These four elements ~ holistic wellness, connection to nature, native spirituality and Christian monasticism ~ swirl together inside me to make me the person that I have become today.

My Experience

I have served the sick in long-term care facilities, private homes and through the care of ailing loved ones. My training and experience includes the following:


Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator

Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

Vowed Member, The Order of Sustainable Faith

Vineyard Leadership Institute School of Mission 

Global University (Intercultural Studies)

Certified Nursing Assistant

Accredited Home Health Aide

Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing

Employment Experience


Vineyard Columbus

Nationwide Children's Hospital

American Nursing Care

private duty home health care

various nursing homes

Affiliated Art Consulting Groups


Avant Garde Art & Craft Shows

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