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I was handcrafted by my Creator to adore Him with my whole, true self; to respond to Him with my body, soul, spirit and intellect. I am ordained to listen for His voice, to watch for His hand of mercy, to nourish strength, contentment, community, health, and joy in all God’s creatures on Earth, human or otherwise. God has instilled in all creation a spirit of cooperation to help me discover the Heavenly places He made for me to be.


I will remember at all times that the Earth and all within its bosom belong to the Creator who fashioned them. I may borrow them on my journey, but must be ready to surrender them to God at the slightest prompting from Spirit, especially if my attachment to them distracts, derails, or detracts me from God’s purposes for my existence. To accomplish this, I have been given the freedom to let all things go, to hold them loosely in the expectation that God may reveal to me a disordered desire that interferes with my adoration, response and nourishing work of God.


Therefore, I have aligned my will solely with God’s heart, to want without reserve whatever He wants, and to never want under any pretext anything which He does not want. I will endeavor to not pursue success, legacy, or recognition for myself; to not expect the already and reject the not yet; to not seek activity over rest, speech over silence, escape over reality, work over stillness, or answers over questions. I choose God’s way over my own that I may please Him.

I was blessed to receive Beloved Servant as my American Indian name many moons ago. All writings, blog entries, photographs and paintings depicted in this website are my own work. To request permission to use any of the website content or artwork, email me at



Sister Dixie is a vowed member of

 the Order of the Common Life (,

the monastic expression of the Vineyard movement. 

She enjoys reading, movies, and chatting with friends over a caramel soy latte. She has been married to her husband, Ernie, for 30 years and lives in central Ohio.

Love is a union of emotion and choice, chemistry and conversation, solace and solidarity, touch and response, uplift and upend.

Beloved Servant



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