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Is Anything Impossible for Him?

Oh, how we underestimate Him

Belittle His omnipotent power

He who turns water to wine

Walks on water and

Calms the storm

He who heals the sick

Multiplies loaves and fish and

Raises the dead from their sleep


Who, oh my soul, have you doubted?

Is anything impossible for Him?

He is not bound by the rules of nature

He is not afraid of the raging winds

He is unmoved by threats of violence

For He carries Peace inside Him


Call upon Him when you are in need

Don't assume that He can't help, won't help

He is generous and compassionate

Eager to rescue

Able to do all things

Willing to intervene


The Death of Lazarus

The Master is come

Mary sits at home

I don’t want Him to see me like this

I can’t face Him right now

Why didn’t He come sooner

Now I’ll make Him wait


Two days He had delayed

Not enough time to get there

Before Lazarus died

But it had left her alone

In her grief


The Master is come 

And calleth thee

Once she knew He wanted her

Was asking for her

She couldn’t stay away


She’s running

And crying

Collapses in a heap of tears

Before Him


He is deeply moved

By her grief

He shudders

Deep anger surfaces


Emotional sternness


He is angry by the limits

Of His human body

No way to get there in time

Couldn’t stop it

Tortured at the magnitude

Of the curse

It’s grip on those He loves


He feels it deeply

Wants to stop the grief

The cause of it

Desire to change her reality

Defend her right to happiness


Show me

Where you have laid him


To get to the tomb


Mary and Martha fall down


He joins them

Shares their grief

Takes a moment

To sit with the suffering


Knowing He could stop it


But chooses the slower path

To let the grief

Wash over Him

To feel fully immersed in it

To come to terms

With the tomb

Contemplating his own



Now He prays

Recognizing the Father

As the One 

Who guards life

And breaks the chains

Of death

Showing those nearby

That the Father’s desire

Is always life



In impossible situations


He calls out Lazarus


Knowing he is already

On his feet

Just inside

The darkness


God distances Himself from us


He disappoints us

Or so we think


We don’t realize

That resurrection

Is just days away

He will come

And do miraculous things


Where have you laid it

Your loss

Your stolen love

Your grief

Show me

I can’t raise dead hopes

If you don’t invite me in


Where is the sepulcher

Where you have buried

Your dreams

Your security

Your feelings of safety


Bring them out

Roll away the stone

Let me into that place of stench

Let me at

All that distresses you


It is my battle to fight

Not yours

Every sword in the kingdom

Is here

To defend you

Against that hidden darkness

To defend your honor

Your reputation


Stand up now

Let me wipe away your tears

You have full reason

To leap for joy


We are each like leaves
From different plants
Different climates 
Different shapes and sizes
Growing on the same vine 
Same task
Same purpose 
To produce life 
And breath
Same orientation 
With our faces
Lifted towards the sun


Lord, right now

I ask You to breathe on me

The true me

With all that is easy

And that which is hard

Abba, my Father

Cuddle me and mine

In Your expansive


Yet gentle and warm arms

Wipe away our tears

Murmur soothing words over us

Spirit, my Mother

Excite my gifts

Dampen my weaknesses

Let me tread this earth

With lightness of foot

Cure the ills

I leave in my wake

Yeshua, my Brother

Bandage my skinned knee lightly

Being careful not to brush

Over the raw spots too roughly

Tossle my hair

Tease a smile out of me

Pick me up

Toss me up in the air

Until I giggle and laugh

For the thrill of it

Then let me down gently

That I may run and play once more

My God

Watch over my play

Night and day

I pray



Less bull in the china shop

More deer in the woods

Chipping away

Laying aside

Skittish but not resistant

True me went to Canada to see my friends

True me enjoyed learning how to drink water the Indian way in Bangalore

True me is content alone

Or in peaceful community

True me is earthy

Would prefer to use wooden dishes to china

True me lives with her head in the clouds

When I stumble across a byway

I’m wary

When I feel threatened

I run and hide

True me prefers to blend in

Stay hidden



The dry tree

Where Jesus is not here

To stay our hand of cruelty

To heal our sick

And deliver our demons

When the branch we sit on

Is brittle and weak

Because it has no life

The dry tree

Without blossoms

Or leaves

With blight

And termites

When the shadow 

Of what remains

Is thrown into the fire

For one night of warmth

Before the cold

Consumes us

Our last breath

Stolen Away

By the bitter wind

Visions Along the Ignatian Road


My soul

My life

Is a musical score

Hard and soft

Blend together

In harmony, beauty

And stirs the deep places



The melody is simple

Low and soft

Other times

The crescendo comes

In force

Loud and disturbing

Instruments affect the tone

Subtle or brassy

Influencing the score

With their voice

The Master

Weaving it together

In one piece

Where there seems no unity

He pulls it in

Where there seems no sweetness

He soothes it

His pen

His ink

Drawing it

Note by note

Rest by rest

The symphony

That is me


What kind of kingdom

Crowns its King with thorns

Where His reign

Is a symbol of torture

His realm

That of suffering

Where His authority is established

Through His own endurance

Of pain and mockery

The Man of Sorrows

A King in agony

What does He teach us

What instruction

Does He give to me


He speaks not

Only looks deeply into my eyes

And shows me how its done

Submit to the Father


Release your foes

Entrust your legacy to others

Offer comfort

To the one beside you

Die with no regrets

Breathe your last

In the Father's arms

Share the curse

Nay, lift it

From the souls of others

Carry the scars

But lay aside the thorns



Walking in the Master's steps

Big prints

Easy to follow

My tiny feet

Many steps to His one

Leaping from print to print

Two prints

Two feet


Not two left

Not two right

One of each

Going in one direction

The ground gets hard

Prints less deep in the Earth

Can't see them

Lose sight

Fear not, Child

I am still holding your hand



The enduring song of the Lord’s presence
The presence of the Lord’s embrace
The embrace of the Lord’s children
The children of the Lord’s promise
The promise of the Lord’s presence



Be Hope

Be Love

Be Joy

Be Gentle

Be Patient

Be Kind

Be Humble

Be Open

Be Grateful

Be Welcome

Be Present

Be Peace



Sometimes the wind blows strong

Powerful, unruly

Sometimes the breeze is gentle

Soothing and kind

Some days are still and hot

Fire, water and steam

Any kind of weather

We face it together

For weather changes

Are not as endless as they seem



A cat watches as she basks on the warm pavement

One dog barks, another answers

Geese talking up above

Smell the earth spring forth new life

Through the decay of last year’s growth

Feel the damp grass beneath your hand

As you rest by the pond

Which is louder?

The sound of the wind or the trickling of the creek

The song of the birds or frogs croaking in delight

Listen to their glorious harmony

Watch the delicate blossoms tremble in the breeze

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Bowing before the King

Yellow ones for His crown

Purple ones for His gown

White ones like incense offered before His throne

My soul flits here and there like a bee

Sipping the nectar of life

Sit awhile, soak it in

Bask as it rejuvenates your soul

Capture the awe of the moment

Here’s an odd sight

A corn cob stuck in the crook of a tree branch

How did it get there do you suppose?

Something has eaten the kernels, but not man

Twisting vines with buds bursting

A broken branch suspended in midair

Caught by his brother below

One lone tree clings to last year’s leaves

Man adds his voice

Children at play

Wind chimes ring a cheery tune

A train whistle blows

Awake, my soul

Your daydream ends



Dark is silent

Still and calm

Wind arises

Whispers peace

Branches wave

To those who see

Starkest night

Breathes music

Be gone false lights

Heaven’s need speak

Quiet and slow

Takes time to hear

Remain awhile

Wish I could

Life beckons

Come again



Sniffing the air

Feeling my way with my whiskers

Climbing over the edge of the manger

The Babe slowly awakens

His eyes meet mine

We communicate silently

I feel His essense emanate into my feet

I rub my face against His

An invisible Spirit descends

Tangible, yet unseen

Stroking one hand over my back

The other over Jesus' brow

Moving in the way

And will of the Child

Since He cannot move His own form at will

The Maker's face beams down

With love and pride

Breaths life over us

Love circle complete




Silent companionship

The mother strokes my head with her finger

Speaks nonsensical soothings

I climb into her lap

Curl up in a ball on her shawl

I drift into sleep

She lifts me down

Into the manger

Onto swaddling cloths

Morning light 

Lures me away

Leaving feels sad

My body heavy

My mind in a fog

My mundane life

Fades into the background

The Child

Now full grown

Picks me up

From my mouse hole

Carries me outside

Sits me on His shoulder

Lets me climb on His head

Shows me the morning sky

The valley below

The rising sun



In the full moon

One single night

Fragrant blossoms

Luminous white

In the dark

Hidden place

Dry and arid

Desolate space

Living fence

Towering tree

Flaming fruit

Spines and seeds

Flowers wither

Moonbeams fade

Early dawn

Shrinking shade

Dry the bloom

For noonday soup

Slice the stems

For cleaning soap

Gift of the desert

Queen of the night

Reveal your secrets

Dream of delight

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