FREE Online Workshop

Saturday, August 7, 1:00 PM

Water is the one element that makes Earth unique of all the planets. It is essential to the abundant life on our planet and essential to the health of our bodies. Many holistic therapies use water in various forms and methods to promote physical healing. 


In this online workshop, we will explore the water therapies developed by Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th Century Catholic priest, out described in his book Healing and Treatment of Diseases Through Water.

At the end of the workshop we will explore uses of water in the Holy Bible and explore its significance in our spiritual journey.


Buckeye Lake Beach 

Saturday, August 21, 1:00 PM EDT

Cost: $10

During this event we will interact with the lake water in different ways. - swimming, walking, splashing, etc. We will spend time noticing how these different methods of being in and around water affect our body, mind and spirit. 


Columbus Area Nature Therapy Group

Let the mountains bring peace to the people and the hills bring righteousness. Psalm 72:3

This is a group for anyone interested in slowing down and connecting with nature and with yourself. Nature and Forest Therapy is proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as boost immunity and mood. Experience the benefit from the healing power of nature and give yourself the gift of space.

There is something that happens when we are in creation, when we are immersed in the sounds of birds, the feel of the breeze on our skin, the various colors, shapes and sizes of plant life, that touches us in our core being. We continue to explore these connections together as a group.


Our goal is to host one in person walk and one online workshop per month.

Our walks are slow-paced and include a series of invitations and a meditation practice. Each walk lasts approximately one hour (give or take). Registration fee is $10 walk per per person.


In our free online workshops we present educational information about various topics related to nature and end with a wellness practice that helps us integrate the lessons that nature teaches us into our lives.

Sister Dixie Vargo, OCL

My name is Dixie Vargo. I am a Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator. I specialize in holistic healing through contemplative practices. 

I am an amateur nature photographer and sell my art at local art shows (Beloved Servant Nature Photography). One of my primary means of my personal self-care is nature therapy and capturing my poignant experiences in nature through photography and videography.

I am also part native american on both sides of my family. My American Indian name is Beloved Servant. I resonate deeply with many of the native american beliefs about the Earth and our connection to it. My spirit animal is the deer and Moneto (one of the native american names for God) speaks to me deeply when I am present in creation.

I am a Christian by faith and follow the teachings and model of Jesus Christ in my life. I am a vowed member of the Order of the Common Life, a 21st century monastic order affiliated with the Vineyard movement. Monastic practices permeate every part of my life, personally and vocationally.

These four elements ~ holistic wellness, connection to nature, native spirituality and Christian monasticism ~ swirl together inside me to make me the person that I have become today.

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Toni Whitacre-Kratochvil

My name is Toni Whitacre-Kratochvil. My husband David and I own a farm in eastern Ohio. We use sustainable and organic farming methods and endeavor to be friends to the earth in every way possible.


I am also an amateur naturalist and have extensively studied various nature topics, including the many ways we can work to preserve and work in harmony with nature rather than try to control and contend its inherent systems of growing and thriving. For example, we have designated a part of our farm as a habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture.

I am also a Christian author. My book In Pursuit of the Virtuous Woman is available for purchase online. My blog, Christian ACTS, is followed by an international audience.

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