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When someone asks me why I write, I have to honestly say that I write because I like to put my thoughts on paper in order to process all that is rolling round in my head. Like a lot of people, I like to read, in particular I enjoy reading the Bible or classical Christian literature and sometimes I write about those things. I hope you will enjoy my ramblings, my musings and my "Aha" moments.

All photographs and paintings depicted in this website are my own work. To request permission to use any of the website content or artwork, email me at



For Omni

Moody Gardens Jogging Trail.jpg

The heart of God
Stands by the river 
Holding my hand 

The water glistens 
Shedding the tears 
That won’t come

Sorrow settles
Over my shoulders 
Like a weighty mantle

Sadness envelops
But does not smother 
My deep sighs

The darkness deepens
The sounds of the earth 
Echo the cries of my heart

Regret works its way in 
Slithering through the grass 
Threatening me 
Wounding me

Would that I could 
Rewind the clock 
Turn the hands back 
And try again

Take time to listen 
Offer help 
Speak a word of hope

Would that life 
Had a rewind button 
Or a fast forward
To a day when grief
Has loosened its grip 
On my soul

But life only plays 
At its own speed 
There is no pause 
Or stop
Or rewind

It flows like a river 
In one direction 
Over rocks 
And fallen branches 
Through dark pools 
And shallow rivulets

Always moving 
Never stopping 
Even when 
Our heart stops

The heart of God
Opens my heart 
To memories
Precious and pure

A laugh behind a hand 
A yellow towel for hair 
A thumb well sucked

Long talks about faith
Faith that awakens
Hope that heals
Light that illumines

Sharing journeys
Airing doubts 
Confiding fears

Sometimes life is stolen 
A breath at a time 
One painful breath 
One fearful sigh
One gasp of loss

The heart of God
Restores life 
Bestows hope 
Comforts sorrow 
Eases fears 

If we would 
But listen

East Beach Lagoon Preserve.jpg

We are all on the edge of despair

At any given time

Sometimes we recognize it

And sometimes we fear it

We cannot see

Our constant need for rescue

We walk a tightrope

Of talking others off the edge

Of their cliffs

And finding a secure foothold

For our own climb

Life is struggle

The smooth places are few

The memories of

Our harrowing escapes

Haunt us

The fear of

Eventual destruction

Paralyzes us

Where can we feel safe?

Whom can we trust?

When will we feel less alone?

I look to the Lord

My ever-present help

In times of trouble

My constant rock

Never shifting

Always there

A foundation to build on

To trust with my life

To share with other

Desperate souls

East Beach Lagoon Preserve.jpg

Trudging through snow drifts

Frigid feet and toes

Wet with ice cold sweat

The animals

Hiding in their dens

The seeds of promise

Buried 'neath frozen soil


Of the underground stream

Stopped in its tracks

At the first breath of open air

Stark, dark branches

Whipping in the swirling wind



Behind the Words

Beloved Servant is a member of The Order of Sustainable Faith (, a 21st century religious order. She often writes series of reflective discourses about passages or stories in the Holy Bible. For past blog series, visit You can also find her on Facebook at

Love is a union of emotion and choice, chemistry and conversation, solace and solidarity, touch and response, uplift and upend.

Beloved Servant



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The Gift in the Flames

There is a beautiful glow in my heart
It is there the alchemy of God's heart with my heart occurs
It is the tongue of fire on my head
The Spirit of Consuming Fire
That purifies, sanctifies, expands and contractsIn this center of substance and nothingness
There is sorrow and compassion
For the brokenness in me and all around me
It is hot and destructive
Of anything in its path
That attempts to block its journey towards its end goal
Its destiny to merge together jagged cracks and gaping crevasses
Into smooth, solid stoneIt is a river of lava flowing
To meld into these broken cracks and weld them together again
When it is a raging fire
It seems like life will never come again
That there is only death in its wakeI do not see the gift in the flames
There there is oneness and healing yet to come
The river of lava
Once it settles and cools
Becomes the fertile soil of new life and beautyI do not see the seeds
That will be carried on the winds yet to come
That will settle into its black pools and low places
That will plunge their roots through and through and through
The impenetrable rock
Until it finds the black gold of nutrients
Hidden below the surface

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