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Still Waters Client Agreement

What is a Relaxation Therapist?

Many people have recognized that working harder doesn’t necessarily lead to the holistic wellness that they desire. They recognize that they have to go deeper to achieve the balance and wellbeing they long for in life. Hiring a trained professional who listens, offers support, encouragement, perspective, and guided practices to help them get to where they want to go has often made the difference.

How Does Spirit-Centered Relaxation Therapy Work?

My practice is faith-based and grounded in Christian monastic spirituality. Our time together is all about inviting life into your whole being. In our times together you will be guided inward as you determine what it is you really desire as you navigate the terrain of your life experience. I ask that you make the time we set aside as a priority, show up on time, and be prepared to step away, take some down time, and explore your life in a new and more meaningful way. Relaxation Therapy uses all of our human faculties (intuition, emotion, imagination, senses, and intellect) to discern your personal wellness journey. When you slow down, begin to reflect, and take a long, loving look at what is happening in you, through you, and around you, you begin to become aware of the experience and presence of the Holy Spirit. The more you know yourself, the more you know God; and the more you know God, the more you know yourself and your direction towards healing. Intimacy with God leads naturally into transformation, wholeness, and action.

How is Spirit-Centered Relaxation Therapy Different? What Spirit-Centered Relaxation Therapy is Not.

Relaxation Therapy is not spiritual direction. Spiritual direction is also spirit-centered, but may focus primarily on the spiritual dimension of wellness. A spiritual director's work is to focus your attention on your spiritual experience and points of self-discovery, to explore with you God's will and purpose in your life. A spiritual director listens with you for the voice of God and to help you notice God's movement in your life. A faith-based Relaxation Therapist focuses on your holistic wellbeing with the understanding that one can only experience wellness physically, intellectually, emotionally and relationally when their spirit at the core of their being is at peace.

Relaxation Therapy is not counseling. We do not look for causation in the past, though healing may happen as a side effect of increasing awareness and engaging in relaxation practices in an environment conducive to healing. Our work will be as much as possible in the present and focused on your desires and present time objectives. I will support you to move forward, set holistic goals and take the necessary action to create what you desire. If for any reason I feel other therapeutic professional services are required, I will request you get that help.


Relaxation can be best attained when we keep our lines of communication open and free flowing. If we start working in challenging areas, we may touch on some personal and sensitive topics in your session. I will always be honest and professional in sharing my perspective. However, if I ever say or do anything that upsets you or that doesn't feel right, please bring it up. I promise to do what is necessary to make it right.

Sometimes my long-term clients become very comfortable working with me and after a while, our times together could become a bit routine. If you ever feel our visits have become rote or stale, I will expect you to let me know what you need to move forward. You will get the most benefit from our time together if you are transparent about what you need and thoroughly communicate it to me.

Time and Support

I love supporting my clients both in our sessions and in between sessions. You are welcome to communicate with me via email at with aha moments or concerns. I read all my email and will respond to the best of my ability. Should my email time reach more than an hour a week, I will discuss with you a fair charge for services.


I provide a holistic perspective and you take the journey. I will not try to analyze or fix you, even though our conversations may involve deep personal sharing and exploration of personal crisis and suffering. Therefore, the responsibility for your choices and results are yours alone, as is the growth and accomplishments you discover. You are the expert for your life.

I do not accept liability for the consequences of your decisions. I work on the basis that you are fully responsible for your own wholeness, wellness, and life decisions. I will work with you to identify solutions to your life challenges, and I may share ideas based on my training, background and professional experience. However, any and all decisions about a course of action is yours.


I do my best to be flexible in my scheduling to meet your needs. If you need to reschedule, please give me a minimum of 24-hour notice. A $20 late fee may be charged for late cancellations and/or no shows.


For personal appointments, your first introductory session is free to explore whether Relaxation Therapy is right for you at this point in your wellness journey.

Beyond the first visit, the cost for my services is based on the type of appointment you selected when scheduling or the group program for which you have registered. Electronic payment options are available on PayPal (, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle or by debit or credit card (for in person visits only). I can send you an invoice after our session for your convenience. You may also pay via cash or check. 

Fees are subject to change. If you take a break or discontinue our appointments, this agreement will terminate. If you elect to return at a later date, a new client agreement will be required and the cost in effect at that time will be applicable.

Ethics and Accountability

I am a Relaxation Therapist, A Spiritually Empowered Coach, and a Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator. I am subject to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. Please take the following link to view these ethics:


I may track our total hours together in order to apply for my next level of ICF credentialing. Your hours in conjunction with my other clients hours will be submitted to the ICF Credentialing Application Review Team for qualification of my next credential. The credentialing staff may spot check my hours to confirm coaching services were provided as listed. I must release your name, total number of hours, timeframe, and your e-mail address to qualify. These statistics are completely confidential within the review team and used only as proof of my required hours. By accepting and acknowledging my policies and procedures below, you agree to this process. I appreciate your support in acquiring my next credential.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable or do not agree with the release of your name, e-mail address, timeframe and total hours to the ICF Credentialing Application Review Team, please let me know.


Our conversations are always confidential as designated in my signing of the ICF’s Ethics and Standards Code. I want you to know that our meetings are completely private and confidential, except where prohibited by law. State law requires me to report suspected cases of child or elder abuse, and professional ethics regarding confidentiality do not apply to self-endangerment (suicide) or harm to others.

Some of my partner organizations may also have applicable policies around issues related to confidentiality which I will uphold during sessions jointly organized with these entities. Therefore, I ask your permission to share pieces of information with my supervisor(s) from those organizations without using your name.


I may periodically record my sessions with you to aid me in my professional growth. I alone will listen to these recordings and they will be used for no other purpose. If you do not wish your sessions to be recorded, please indicate that in the Comments field of your acknowledgement form below.

Registration Form & Client Agreement Acknowledgement

Marital Status
  • I have read the full Client Agreement on the following pages and agree to its terms.
  • I understand that Relaxation Therapy does not provide treatment, therapy, or diagnosis and I agree to see my physician, therapist or qualified helping professional for such needs.
  • I am the expert in my own life. I acknowledge full responsibility for my choices and actions.
  • I agree to wholeheartedly participate with my Relaxation Therapist to make my experience positive and useful.
  • I agree to meet all financial responsibilities promptly unless other arrangements have been made.
  • I understand that a charge will be made for all time reserved and will give 24 hours advance for cancellations.

We look forward to journeying with you!

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