Still Waters: Peace for Caregivers

Navigating Chronic Illness Side-By-Side

These groups are provided free of charge by Vineyard Columbus Support for Life ministry.

With God's Grace & Dignity ~ support for individuals with chronic illness

Still Waters: Peace for Caregivers ~ support for caregivers

The Gospel of Wholeness

Sat, 9/25/21, 10:30 AM                    Introduction
Sat, 10/2/21-11/20/21, 10:30 AM    Discussion Sessions


While Christians are generally well-equipped in communicating the gospel of salvation, many feel ill-equipped in personally overcoming or helping others overcome the effects and patterns of sin in their lives. The Gospel of Wholeness is a thoroughly biblical, reproducible, and highly effective approach to help people find health and wholeness as they grow in their relationship with Christ, themselves and others. This seminar has been a valuable tool for those who find themselves trapped in sin or fixated on past abuses. 

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Healthy U: Chronic Disease Self-Management


Coming in Winter 2022

Healthy U is a free, six-session self-management workshop that has been proven to help people manage their symptoms better every day. If you have a condition such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, chronic pain, or other chronic condi­tions, you know the challenges.

During the series of six sessions, participants learn to: 

  • Communicate with your doctor and family mem­bers about your condition

  • Be more physically active

  • Eat better

  • Deal with negative emotions

  • Set achievable goals

Format: Online

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With God's Grace & Dignity: Chronic Illness Support Group


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