Weekly Wellness Word: Gift

This edition of #weeklywellnessword is best practiced while on a nature walk. This #naturetherapy meditation is divided into three movements. Read each paragraph by itself followed by a period of observation and reflection along the trail. Once you feel ready for the next movement, move to the next paragraph and then take another break for observing the natural world around you, taking in the life lessons that Creation can teach you.

Let yourself fully see the nature around you and let yourself be fully seen by the life forms around you today. Today we will begin with asking ourselves a simple question. "In what ways is nature a gift in my life?" Allow yourself to feel gratitude deep in your being for these gifts. As you walk this first leg of your journey, notice which single elements of nature you see that feel like gifts God put there just for you to see, hear and experience today. If you are comfortable, feel free to say thank you to God or even to the things you see directly. You can even speak your thanks out loud if that would make the experience more powerful for you.

walk, observe, meditate

For the section portion of your wal, notice the ways that nature gives gifts to itself. There is a flow of mutual giving and receiving between the life forms and elements in this ecosystem. Pay attention to the level of effort or intention (or lack thereof) that the givers put into the giving process. To what degree of sacrifice or cost to themselves does the giver make in order to give their gifts to their fellow earth dwellers? If you had to categorize these gifts, would they be gifts of doing or being?

walk, observe, meditate

For this last bit, imagine nature as a model of gift giving that you can imitate. What deeper motivations of giving does nature’s example teach you? If you could distill the ways nature gives gifts into one word or phrase, what would it be? Consider how you can apply these concepts to your holiday giving this year?


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