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Weekly Wellness Word: Pure

This week’s word is Pure

Imagine a scene of fresh fallen snow. The flakes of crystal have cleaned and purified the air. The landscape is pure white, pristine. Air, particularly pure air, is a balm that calms the soul. It reaches deep into our core and cleanses us. It oxygenates our bodies, bringing new life to each cell. When we breath pure air we feel more alive, more alert, more awake to the world. There is nothing like a deep breath of clean air to refresh and renew your energy. When life gives us something that is pleasantly new, we may say that thing is like a breath of fresh air. 

As you consider your life, your daily routine, notice the spaces where you breathe. Notice the spaces where the air feels more pleasant and open. What spaces feel confined and stuffy? Consider the amount of time you spend in each space. Assess your work space, your leisure space, your spaces where you connect with others. How do the activities you do in those spaces affect the way you breathe in those spaces? 

Take a minute to look around each space. What do you notice in the room that affects the air quality? How does that space receive fresh air? Does it need more air? What might happen if you changed the room you were in for specific activities? If there is a space that feels more open, more pleasant - like a breath of fresh air - could that be a space where you might sit while engaging in creative activities or when you need to brainstorm for new ideas or make plans for the future? If a space feels more cozy, could that be a space you might welcome others to share with you, to welcome them into the warmth and comfort of that space?

This week try and experiment a bit. Move your life activities to new rooms. Think creatively about ways to change the air quality in your life spaces, maybe using some of the suggestions offered in the quotes or links below. Step outside when you need a boost of energy and take a few deep breaths. Go walking in a nearby park. See what gifts free, clean air can give you.

Quotes of the Week

"Let no one ever depend upon fumigations, 'disinfectants,' and the like, for purifying the air. The offensive thing, not its smell, must be removed. I wish all the disinfecting fluids invented made such an 'abominable smell' that they forced you to admit fresh air. That would be a useful invention.”  ~ Florence Nightengale, Notes on Nursing


“Not satisfied with simply adding splashes of color and lifting a room out of the gloom, houseplants naturaly filter out toxins and microbes that lurk in our houses. The chemicals associated with paint, dry cleaning, carpet manufacturing, and cigarette smoke are absorbed into their leaves, while mold spores, and bacteria are suppressed by the release of phytochemicals. They also humidify the dry air in our centrally heated dwellings. Some are better than others at doing this job, so we've compiled a list of the ones that work hardest to make your rooms more breathable.”

Ivy, Peace Lilly

Rubber Plant

Bamboo Palm


Aloe Vera

Golden Pothos

Weeping Fig

- Breathe: The Well-being Special by Just Breathe Magazine

To read the whole article, click the link below and order the magazine.

Every Small Breath

“With every small breath I feel alive

The freshness heals me and lets me thrive

With every small breath I feel I can fly

With the birds who enjoy the air as much as I

With every small breath I sing and run around

With all the air-lovers that I have found

With every small breath that is clean and fair

I am healed by the wind with love and care

As everyone else is in this world with clean, fresh air in every small breath.”

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 

Air, Air Everywhere Poetry Contest

2015 winning poem by Kelsey Olmen of Green Lake School District

Next Step

Making certain changes to your habits can reduce the amount of contaminants which exist in the home or building. Below are some simple changes you can make to improve your indoor air quality:

• Do not smoke indoors 

• Use exhaust fans when cooking or showering 

• Use natural, chemical-free cleaning products 

• Burn soy or beeswax candles instead of petroleum-based wax candles to eliminate soot 

• Limit the use of cologne and perfume 

• Wash bedding and linens regularly 

• Use mattress and pillow covers to control dust mites 

• Clean chimneys regularly

There are a variety of HVAC products that can be installed that are designed to control contaminants, such as: 

• Air purifiers 

• High-efficiency furnace filters 

• Ultraviolet lights 

• Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Further Information

Try some of these 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality suggested by Web MD.

Have a GREAT week!

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