Weekly Wellness Word: Resilience

“Resilience isn’t just a gift from God to be nurtured. It’s who you are, a trait woven into the fabric of your being and, indeed, into all of Creation. Life finds a way. Over, around, through all obstacles and threats. Even on the eve of winter the buds peek out of the tips of the branches promising that first day of spring. Sunshine, glorious sunshine, laughs in the face of impending snow. So dig in your roots, find your footing, and stand tall. You are a giant in your small stand of trees. The poison vines may snake up your spine, they may twist around and around in a chokehold, but you have another ring to add to your years. You aren’t finished growing yet. Reach up to the sky, out to your neighbors, puff out your chest and sing. Life’s not done yet, because you were created with resilience.” ~ Beloved Servant #nevergiveup #affirmations #positivethoughts #resilence #nourishyourbeing #renewyourmind #weeklywellnessword

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