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Wellness Word: Mercy

Today I noticed a response to a post I put on social media. Before I even read the response, I noticed that my internal assumption was that someone was upset by what I had posted. This told me that my brain default is to believe that I am always in trouble for whatever I say, that someone is always there to shut me down, to shush my voice. Yet, I fight for my right to speak when I feel safe to do so or when I feel strongly about my beliefs. Sometimes I don't fight - especially when the person shushing me is a person in authority.

My parents taught me to respect authority, even when it is abusive, unkind, and egotistic. It can be hard sometimes. I see the world filled with little people sitting on their little thrones trying to be a dictator of all they survey. Perhaps on my worst days I, too, am among them.

My spirit longs for peace and quietness, for harmony among the people. My mind knows that this can only happen when the King of Glory comes in, when God's rule and reign is in charge. This is why I love the Kingdom of God so much. It is an upside down Kingdom where the King is humble (Phi. 2:5-7), submissive (Matt. 26:36-56), kind (Luke 6:35), gentle ((Matt. 11:29), tender (Is. 53:2-3), non-judgmental (John 8:10-11), compassionate (Matt. 9:36), merciful (Ps. 145:8-9).

Everyone want God's mercy when it is directed towards themselves. No one wants God's mercy when its directed towards their enemies. But God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). God sends rain on the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:45). God seeks the lost, even when it means leaving the 99 behind (Luke 15:4–7). And when that lost sheep is found, it is picked up, carried back to safety; its wounds are tended, and it is welcomed back to the fold warmly and kindly.

That is the King I serve and love with all my heart.

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