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Peace Be Still:
A Whole Person Approach to Chronic Pain


What are you willing to do in order to have less pain?


Peace Be Still is a whole person approach to pain management. This program is for private clients who want to explore holistic methods for managing pain and desire companionship and guidance in finding your way towards a life with less pain.


In person and virtual appointments are available

Cost negotiable for bundle of 7 sessions for pilot participants

"I now know and accept that there is more to pain than just the physical. I have also come to understand that my body is my friend and blessing from God, that it has valuable information to give me. I now have many different tools in my toolbox to feel, identify and remedy pain. God has used this program to remove the fear of pain, to press in and listen." 

Coming in 2024

Pain & | Workshop Series

A life with chronic pain changes everything. Pain & is a workshop series that will explore ways to navigate pain with your whole person, and to shift your relationship with pain to view it as a friend rather than an enemy. More details on which workshop series are forthcoming. 

Pain & Peculiarity | Considering the uniqueness of each person’s experience of pain
Pain & Prayer | A theology of Spirit-centered healing

Pain & Presence | The role of mindfulness in pain management
Pain & Planning | Imagining a future with or without pain

Pain & People | It takes a village to manage complex chronic pain 

Pain & Patience | Sustainability in the pain management journey


Contact Sister Dixie for details.


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