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Weekly Wellness Word: Healing

Does God heal today? In some circles, this is a controversial question. The short answer is this: If you believe that God is the Creator, that he made the Earth and all of its inhabitants, then you must concede that God heals today.

1 Corinthians 8:6 says,

Yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live. (NIV)

As the Creator of the Universe, the Source of all life, God imbued the Earth with a plucky tendency to heal. Have you ever noticed that if you try to pour pavement or concrete over land, the Earth slowly deteriorates this manmade barrier and eventually life will begin to spring up through the cracks. A dandelion here, a tuft of grass there. We push back the forest to sculp the land into landscaped vistas just to find that unintended vegetation and animal life encroach and make themselves at home. Plant, animal and human life continue to thrive despite the loss of one-third of our planet's oxygen-producing forests and an exponential human population growth. How is that possible? Life is very persistent. God made it so.

Humans are not exempt from this plucky tendency to heal. When God created humankind, we were imbued with inherent healing properties. Humans are incredibly resilient. We can thrive in harsh or mild climates. We can burn the calories of an endless varieties of food sources. We can engage mind over matter with intentional thought patterns. We can feel connected and supported by our God and each other across great distances. Human life is very persistent. God made it so.

The last time you got a paper cut, did it heal? Then God healed you. His incredible design of your body's inner healing response kicked in, rushing the resources needed for healing to the open wound. The last time you got angry, you eventually calmed down. God made you to experience strong emotions and to find ways to release them. The last time you felt unseen, I'm going to guess that you stumbled across someone or something online that said exactly what you needed to hear and it helped you feel seen. Healing is very persistent. God made it so.

Imagine that you could partner with God, that you could align yourself with the many ways that the Godhead has designed your beautifully complex and amazing being to heal. That you could intentionally invite into your life the healing that you long for, to invite it into your whole being - body, mind, heart, spirit and relationships - like a long lost friend.

I can almost hear you say, "Oh, if that could be so!" It just doesn't seem possible. It's so far out of reach.

So, I'll end this article by reminding you of how we started. If you believe that God is the Creator, that he made the Earth and all of its inhabitants, then you must concede that God heals today.

Sometimes that healing happens miraculously and we rejoice heartily. Sometimes it happens by aligning ourselves with the ways God has created us to heal, to partner with God in the healing process through healing practices, which can take many forms. Sometimes it means creating an atmosphere conducive to healing, to shape and craft our lives in such a way that makes healing more probable. Sometimes healing comes slowly, little by little, as we walk along holding the hands of loyal companions along our healing journey.

Often our healing doesn't take the shape that we expect it. We ask God for a physical healing and we experience emotional healing instead. We ask God to heal a relationship and we experience a spiritual awakening. We ask God to change our mindset, our thought patterns, and we wrestle until God answers our prayer by actually changing our minds about some things, dispelling beliefs that we had previously held to be true.

Are you ready for a healing? Not a healing where you dictate to God what you want, but where you stand before God with open hands ready to receive the healing that has been prepared for you. Remember, healing is very persistent. It's plucky. It's in your very nature, the way you were created. God made it so.

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