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Pain & | Single Workshop Registration

Pain & | Single Workshop Registration

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.24Sale Price

By registering here, you are only registering for one of the Pain & workshops. In this registration process you will need to specify which workshop you want to attend from the dates/topics listed below.


Pain & Peculiarity | January 20

Uniqueness of each person’s experience of pain
Pain & Prayer | February 17

A theology of Spirit-centered healing
Pain & Presence | March 16

The role of mindfulness in pain management
Pain & Planning | April 20

Imagining a future with or without pain
Pain & Patience | May 18

Sustainability in the pain management journey

Pain & People | June 15

It takes a village to manage complex chronic painpain 


A life with chronic pain changes everything. Pain & is a workshop series that will explore ways to navigate pain with your whole person, and to shift your relationship with pain to view it as a friend rather than an enemy. 

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