Weekly Wellness Word: Wholeness

If you are like me, you've put on a few pounds since the world went crazy. And maybe, like me, you're not okay with that. But did you know that your body, mind, and spirit have done nothing wrong? They are doing exactly what they were designed to do.

Your mind takes in the world around you. Your heart feels the uncertainty of the situation. Your spirit senses that something is wrong, horribly wrong. The people that you talk to, listen to, debate opinions on why things got this way and how we can get back to normal. Your body has heard the message loud and clear. "Things don't look good out there. Times are tough. I'd better store up some resources, pack away some reserves, save some calories for a rainy day."

Your whole being worked together in unison - body, mind, heart, and spirit - in collaboration with those around you - in order to gain this weight. This is exactly the way God designed it to work. The world may be broken, but these extra pounds you have around your middle are proof positive that you, my friend, are responding and adjusting to it as a whole person.

You were created to be whole.